Ay. Yo. I stroined my grain.

I went to the gym yesterday morning for the first time in 3 weeks.  While for some that might be a welcome break, for me it was a long, torturous layoff.  I’ve been in a gym groove for some time now, and I acknowledge it’s been a little bit easier having looser time restrictions since I’ve stopped workingContinue reading “Ay. Yo. I stroined my grain.”

I had my first shift on Friday.

A friend who preceded me in being shown the door at our previous place of employment, who also volunteered at the 9/11 Memorial site, said “I’d be a perfect fit” to follow in her volunteering footsteps.  Fast forward 2 months, and Friday was my first day. It was insanely hot and humid that morning.  Continue reading “I had my first shift on Friday.”