“Put it in the books!”

Frank Francisco, the closer and one of many question marks for the 2012 New York Mets, stared into his catcher looking for the sign.  Not the existential “sign” about his and his team’s future, but the next pitch to throw to Jason Heyward.  Francisco blew a 3-2 fastball by Heyward and Howie Rose yelled outContinue reading ““Put it in the books!””

Network in a bahhh-tull…

The most common piece of advice I’ve heard during my job search is that I must network.  Apparently, according to the advisers, over 75% of jobs are obtained through a connection. That’s a pretty big number.  I’m not sure how they arrived at it, but if I’m a betting man, it looks like I’m betterContinue reading “Network in a bahhh-tull…”