“When sunny gets blue”… and sunny… and blue… and sunny….

I have two blog posts that are sitting in my queue waiting to be finished.  However, I can’t seem to get in a right frame of mind to finish them because my mood’s been all over the place.   This presents a challenge considering when I write, it’s to express how I’m feeling about my experiencesContinue reading ““When sunny gets blue”… and sunny… and blue… and sunny….”

Not on grilled cheese…

My sister’s always quick to remind me, or anyone listening, that everything tastes better with bacon.  I respectfully disagree.  I get what she’s trying to say, that bacon is awesome, and it is; however, when it comes to breakfast meats, for me, sausage always takes the cake.   In fact, in my opinion, sausage happensContinue reading “Not on grilled cheese…”