I had my first shift on Friday.

A friend who preceded me in being shown the door at our previous place of employment, who also volunteered at the 9/11 Memorial site, said “I’d be a perfect fit” to follow in her volunteering footsteps.  Fast forward 2 months, and Friday was my first day. It was insanely hot and humid that morning.  Continue reading “I had my first shift on Friday.”

Really?!? But aren’t their drinks cold enough???

I’ve been inspired to write but too busy.  Really.  And busy has been a lot of fun.  With Facebook and Linkedin, users are now able to quantify their networks and (SPOILER ALERT – avert your eyes for a self aggrandizing moment) mine is pretty extensive.  I know a lot of people.  (True story – IContinue reading “Really?!? But aren’t their drinks cold enough???”