I Figured It Out

You’ll be proud of me to know I did it! (Cue up “Climb Every Mountain”.) It’s literally been one full year since my last post! One full year since I told you how awesome I feel when I publish a blog post, and that my goal was to start writing on a regular basis. And… voila, here it is! One fullContinue reading “I Figured It Out”

What does your (Wo)Man in the Mirror say about you?

It’s been over a year since I’ve blogged.  I’ve been having a tough time shaking the sense of guilt I feel about using my time blogging (for leisure) versus reading one of a myriad business, productivity, news, financial, technology, etc. articles at my fingertips courtesy of the web.  I almost feel as though there’s soContinue reading “What does your (Wo)Man in the Mirror say about you?”