Yes, I have to.

I consider myself an extrovert. Contrary to popular belief, extroverts are not just friendly and outgoing, they are people who are energized by being around other people. Some famous extroverts. I guess it’s good company. But that’s not always me one hundred percent of the time. And I wonder, would that then disqualify me as an extrovert?Continue reading “Yes, I have to.”


One of the benefits of having the 137th Street stop on the 1 line as our de facto home subway station is that, because it’s such a highly trafficked stop due to its proximity to City College (CCNY), the MTA originates a number of trains from it during rush hour (as opposed to its usual starting point, Van Cortlandt Park-242nd Street). So when unpleasant, overcrowdedContinue reading “EMPTY TRAIN!”