Not on grilled cheese…

My sister’s always quick to remind me, or anyone listening, that everything tastes better with bacon.  I respectfully disagree.  I get what she’s trying to say, that bacon is awesome, and it is; however, when it comes to breakfast meats, for me, sausage always takes the cake.   In fact, in my opinion, sausage happensContinue reading “Not on grilled cheese…”

Thanks for topping us off, Scott

Thursday afternoon I did lunch at the Capital Grille.  I finished and left at 1:34PM  (my buddy realized he was late for his 1:30 otherwise I never would have remembered nor cared to add the :04).  I was sufficiently full, my palate delightfully satisfied, and my disposition enriched by a wonderful meal (read: a glassContinue reading “Thanks for topping us off, Scott”