I had my first shift on Friday.

9 thoughts on “I had my first shift on Friday.”

  1. Nice job, Brian. I knew you’d be good at it. It’s been close to ten months for me and I’m very proud you’re following in my volunteering footsteps down there.


  2. Brian, I’ve been volunteering since last September and have many of the same feelings you have. I also love talking to “strangers” . . . and meeting people from all over the world!! I hope to meet you during one of my shifts!


  3. That’s great. I also volunteer at the Memorial. I know what you mean about people that ask questions. Sometimes you they can be simple questions, sometimes I have had to turn away to wipe a tear before I can answer. Hope to work with you soon!


  4. Brian, thanks for sharing. I have been volunteering since June and it has been a Rewarding experience. I was sooooooooo caught up in escorting groups yesterday, time flew by and I forgot my shift ended at 1:30, it was 2:00 when I looked at my watch. The staff and volunteers are a great group to work with. BTW, you will get many more bizare questions and comments.


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